January Special

Our skin can really take a beating! With environmental toxins, low water intake, emotional stress, lack of rest and Poor dietary habits. All of these things can cause us to feel a bit out of balance and cause our skin to suffer. When we continue to operate in an unbalanced state, our immune system becomes taxed and unable to fight off viruses and bacteria properly. Take time to regenerate and love your skin.

 Consider practicing Self-Care with the following offering...

30% Off 

Simply Bliss Synergy

Your treatment begins with a Relaxing Massage to relax and soothe away muscular tension and mental stress. A Coconut Rose Ayurveda Facial follows with specific facial marma point stimulation to remove stagnant energy. Your skin will feel soft, hydrated and refreshed.

with 60 Minute Massage   

$109 [Regular $155]

with 90 Minute Massage 

 $130  [Regular $185] 

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