Ayurveda Spa Synergies


(Body Exfoliation/Relaxation Massage)

This revitalizing treatment begins with a wool glove body scrub to clear pores of dirt and debris and to alkalize the blood. Increased circulation revitalizes the nadis (your energy system)  while bringing vital nutrients to the skin. This treatment concludes with a relaxing therapeutic massage. 

1 Hour, 25 Minutes     $145 (60 Minute Massage)

1 Hour, 55 Minutes     $175 (90 Minute Massage)


(Wool Glove Scrub/Body Wrap/Relaxation Massage)

Experience relaxation and revitalization with this customized treatment. This treatment begins with a garshana body exfoliation that clears pores and alkalizes the blood.  An Aloe infused body gel infused with organic herbs that assist with detoxifying your body.  Warm towels are used to remove product prior to a soothing and relaxing massage. 

1 Hour, 50 Minutes    $170 (60 Minute Massage)

2 Hour, 20 Minutes    $195 (90 Minute Massage)


(Ayurveda Facial Massage and Relaxation Massage)

Allow yourself to be swept away with this stress relieving synergy. Your treatment begins with a therapeutic massage to relieve body tension and increase circulation. An Ayurveda Facial Massage concludes this treatment to reduce stress and revitalize facial muscles. 

1 Hour, 45 Minutes     $155 (60 Minute Relaxation Massage)

2 Hour, 15 Minutes     $185 (90 Minute Relaxation Massage)

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