Ayurveda Spa Synergies


(Body Exfoliation/Relaxation Massage)

This revitalizing treatment begins with an exfoliating body scrub to clear pores of dirt and debris. This process improves blood circulation and revitalizes the nadis (your energy system) while bringing vital nutrients to your skin. A nice steamy shower follows your exfoliation. This treatment concludes with a relaxing massage. 

60 Minutes       $140 (Moisture Application Only - No Massage)

1 Hour, 25 Minutes     $170 (60 Minute Massage)

1 Hour, 55 Minutes     $190 (90 Minute Massage)


(Herbal Body Scrub/Body Steam/Relaxation Massage)

Experience relaxation and revitalization with this customized treatment. This treatment begins with Udvartana (Lymphatic Body Exfoliation) that clears pores and opens channels of circulation.  An Aloe infused body gel infused with organic herbs is applied prior to Steam Therapy to assist with detoxifying your body.  A hot shower follows to remove product prior to a soothing and relaxing massage. 

60 Minutes         $200 (Moisture Application Only - No Massage)

1 Hour, 50 Minutes    $255 (60 Minute Massage)

2 Hour, 20 Minutes    $275 (90 Minute Massage)


(Facial/Marma Scalp Massage/Relaxation Massage)

This is a customized treatment that incorporates herbal infused products with traditional Ayurveda strokes. These strokes help tone and revitalize the skin helping improve the appearance of facial lines. Marma points of the face are accessed to help manipulate prana to improve circulation and relax tension in the face. A Relaxation Massage helps relieve areas of tension and calm the nervous system. This ancient synergy of healing will leave you in a state of Peace and Balance.

60 Minutes         $100 (Without Massage)

2 Hours                         $180 (60 Minute Relaxation Massage)

2 hours 30 Minutes       $200 (90 Minute Relaxation Massage)

Have sore knots or specific areas of tension you would like addressed? Schedule a Therapeutic Massage for your synergy.

2 Hours                         $200 (60 Minute Therapeutic Massage)

2 Hours 30 Minutes      $220 (90 Minute Therapeutic Massage)


(Shirodhara/Marma Scalp Treatment)

This treatment begins with a relaxing Marma Scalp massage. While in a seated position, warm oil is applied to the scalp using various strokes to facilitate absorption of the oil. This treatment improves blood circulation, promotes a state of self-awareness preparing for Shirodhara. Shirodhara is administered by allowing warm herbal oil to gently flow over the forehead. This treatment can help synchronize brainwaves and profoundly coordinate and calm the mind, body and spirit. Shirodhara deeply relaxes the nervous system, integrates brain function and brings brain wave coherence to an alpha state. Clients have the option to leave herbal oil in the hair for continued nourishment or shower to remove herbal oil. (Please bring head wrap for wet/or oiled hair.)

45 Minutes                            $130 (Without Massage)

1 Hour 45 Minutes                $210 (60 Minute Relaxing Massage)

2 Hours 15 Minutes               $230 (90 Minute Relaxing Massage)


Jessica Ballard

Spa treatments with Deniese are Divine! Do yourself a favor and schedule a botanical steam...They are amazing and so is she!


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