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Womb/Sacred Center Healing Sessions

I am Deeply Loved

I am Divinely Blessed

I am my own Sacred Light

I honor the Goddess Within

30 - 60 Minutes  $75 - $125



Womb (Yoni) steaming has been used for 100's of years as a ritualistic way to heal reproductive issues including infertility, fibroids and painful menstrual cycles. The medicinal properties from the herbs blend with the heat from the steam, allows for improved circulation and blood flow. This balances stagnation and coldness within the vaginal area.

An organic herbal blend will be formulated based on the qualities of your imbalance after our consultation. This treatment is performed while you lay down on the massage table underneath a steam tent that covers your abdominal and womb area, giving you privacy while you relax.


Steam infused with Organic Healing Herbs and oils circulate under the tent assisting your healing, cleansing and honoring of your Sacred space while you listen to a guided meditation designed to assist you with clearing stagnant energies while connecting you to your sacred womb.             60 Minutes......... $125

                                    Yoni Stem - No Guided Meditation                            30 Minute...........$75

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