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Holistic Massage/Energy Balancing

Holistic Massage addresses the body as a whole system. Listening to the subtle clues the body emanates allows for healing and balance of your physical and energetic body.


Luxury Tri-Dosha Ayurvedic treatments help Detox the Lymphatic system and aid with Weight loss and Detoxification. Keeping our Body Temple Cleansed and Purified.

Ayurveda Spa

Let's take things back to basics. No need for expensive fancy lotions and potions to beautify our skin. Natural herbs, roots and flower essences...Gifts from the earth can help Relax and Heal without toxicity.

Intentional Art Therapy

Creativity is our innate and natural way of being. Some of us have forgotten how creative we are..I am here to remind you..And it has nothing to do with artistic talent. 

  • Gain insight into old beliefs hidden in your blind spots.

  • Receive tools to reclaim your power

  • Clear limiting thinking

  • One on One movement/visualization therapy 

  • Energy Balancing, Clearing and Re-Alignment

  • Gain a deeper awareness of your own creative power

Soul Wisdom For You

An exploration of your inner wisdom with intuitive dance as we create a synergy for healing using Movement/Dance and Art Therapy

About me

Throughout my years of practice I have utilized many modalities to bring harmony to my life. As I navigate life's twists and turns, I have carved out a way to live in flow with nature and the Divine.  Nature provided our ancestors with insight into the cycles and laws of the universe to live in alignment and balance. Drums and sound vibration with dance and movement helped guide our ancestors to the deepest parts of themselves.

I utilize a unique combination of techniques to address each individual's need. I would be honored to assist your body, mind, and spirit return back to wholeness.

If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won't have to hear it scream.

Just had the most AMAZING Marma scalp massage and therapeutic massage with the wonderful Deniese Woolfolk Combs. She is absolutely gifted. I have never had two massages that were the same, except that they were exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. You need to go see her! Tell her I sent you.
 She is professional, knowledgeable and simply amazing. She uses the highest quality vegan and Ayurevedic oils and herbs. Your body, mind and soul will thank you!!!! Trust me!!!!!

Karen Halscheid

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